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Coatings / Developments

We offer a wide variety of dielectric coatings. The range includes high reflective, dichroic, beamsplitter, output coupler and others, as well as antireflective coatings for several spectral regions and wavelengths. Further special optics are available on request.
Focus lies on the calculation and manufacturing of objectives for various laboratory requirements and on optical systems for single atom or ion imaging, high-NA light collection lenses specially designed to work with magneto-optical traps and customized laser collimators.

Laser Mirrors

Here you can find broadband laser mirrors for universal use as well as high power mirrors for special applications in the most common spectra from blue to infrared.
On request additional mirror coatings based on customer specifications can be realized.

Beamsplitter Cubes

Cubes are available for practically all fields of application from UV to IR, from universal broadband polarizers to High Power Cubes as a real alternative to the much complexer Glan Laser Polarizers. With the additional feature that even UV cubes have a real cube form and so deflect beams in a convenient 90 degree angle, which simplifies laboratory set-ups.
Please note that in all PBCs only the transmitted beam has a pure P-polarization. The rejected S-polarized beam has a small ~ 1-2% admixture of the P-polarization.


Multiple and zero order half- and quarter-wave retardation plates made of crystalline quartz. These retardation plates exist in various dimensions for most popular laser lines as standard products. Other dimensions and wavelengths - on request.
Multiple order retardation plates are also available as dichroic plates working at two wavelengths simultaneously.


Plano-Convex, Bi-Convex, Plano-Concave and Bi-Concave Lenses in BK7 or Fused Silica in numerous dimensions and focal lengths, antireflexion coating on request.


Our standard materials for mirrors, windows and other opto-mechanical elements are BK7, Fused Silica and Zerodur.
Further materials as well as special sizes and customized designs are available on request.